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Nitrous Master.
Postal Money Order
NOS -4 Y fitting
1 only
Magnafuel -6 x -4 Y fitting
1 only
Combo-flo HD Actuator
Dimensions:.... 2" x 1 3/4"x 1"
Weight: .... 445 grams (0.9 lb)
Amps:... 0.6 (no relay needed!)
<<-The AV1 H is a heavy duty hi flow acting
You want this one if you are feeding more than 2
500 series Plate noids.
Sealed Power - Speed Pro Moly Ring Set
Set of 8 4.500 bore + .005
Moly .043, 1/16 ductile, 3/16 low
tension. NEW,
5 sets available
Sealed Power Speed Pro rings.
#AV1 H - $136.25 ....   $85.00
Nitrous bottle tubes for
10 lb Skinny bottles. Set of 5
Edelbrock 72282 throttle switch. Fits 4150 carbs
1 only