Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO. Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO. Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO.
Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO. Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO. Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO.
Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO. Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO. Dynamic Engine, crankshaft, industrial balancing in IL, IN, MO.
Personal Service

                Quality work
Mechanical Fuel Injection Setup & Flow Testing
Computerized Engine Balancing
Certified Dynamic Balancing
Racing and Industrial work accepted
Overhung impeller
Muscle Car 4 speed transmission specialty repairs
(Muncie, Borg Warner)
Aluminum Transmissions: cluster hole sleeving, side cover sleeving,
tailshaft seal sleeving, proper crack repair, mounting ear repair,
threaded hole repair, surfaces machined, etc.
(Note: We do not rebuild or have parts for the whole transmission.)
Connecting Rods
Rod Center to Center Correction and Boring
Rod reduce width, big or small end
Rod Balancing
Piston Valve relief Flycutting
Piston Dome reductions
Pistons pin clearance honing
Piston balancing

Have a unique balance application? Please call us.

Dynamic balancing of crankshafts and engine rotating assemblies.

Passenger size engines: Pistons are balanced to +0.5 / -.00 grams
Rods are balanced to +0.5 / - 0.00 grams on each end.
Even tighter tolerances are possible if you desire.
Cemb Equipment 
2.5 to 1000 lb capacity
10 ft length
0.008 grams accuracy
1, 2, & 3 plane features
Years of experience with Racing and OEM engines as well as industrial objects.
573 V8 Case Tractor
Dyno Coupler
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Nitrous Master.
Urbana, IL  USA     217-531-1770     M- F   9-5   CST
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Serving the Midwest and the world. Engine balancing, crank balancing, balancing service - industrial balancing, automobile machine shop service, welding, machine shops, welding-industrial,  in  Champaign, Urbana, Danville, Peoria, Bloomington, Kankakee, Tuscola, Paxton, Arthur, Watseka, Mattoon, Charleston, Rantoul, Springfield, Effingham, Cordova, Rockford, IL, Crawfordsville, Indianapolis, Benton, Bloomington, Lafayette, Veedersberg, Terre Haute, IN, St louis, MO, WI, KY, TN, IA, MI, MN, NY, OH
Flywheels & Flexplates matched or modified for internal & external applications.
Over balance, under balance, no hole balance procedures on request.
Crankshafts, Camshafts, Axles, fans, rotors, drums, Industrial items,
heavy metal installation.
1 cyls. on up, including tractors and odd ball items.
Camshaft balancing
Flywheels & Flexplates
Flywheel balancing
Flywheel match balancing
Flywheel zero balancing
Flywheel external or internal balancing
Computerized, Dynamic spin balancing of racing, small engine, tractor, diesel, truck, industrial, atv,
motorcycle, truck pulling, tractor pulling, garden tractor pulling, marine, snowmobile, antique engines,
flathead, cranks, crankshafts, cam, camshaft, fans, impellers, pulleys, flywheel, flexplate, wheels, gears,
sprockets, clutches, harmonic balancers, armatures, shafts, brake rotors, brake drums, paper rolls, AC
compressors, augers, 1 cyl, V2, Kohler, Briggs & Statton, Generac, John Deere, Tecumsah, BMW,
International, Ferrari, Case, IH V800, Remco, Duramax, Harley, Model A, T, CAT 3208, Ford Powerstroke
6.0, 7.3, Cummins, Rokon, Yamaha YXZ, callies, Crower, Eagle, Scat, Ohio, Winberg, K1, Lunati

Engine Balancing, Crankshaft Balancing Serving Champaign, Urbana, Rantoul, Danville, Hoopeston,
Charleston, Monticello, Chicago, Bloomington, Normal, Peoria, Kankakee, Springfield, Kankakee, Farmer
City, Lincoln, LeRoy, Gibson City, Paxton, Taylorville, Paris, Shelbyville, Illinois,  Covington, Veedersburg,
Perrysville, Terre Haute, Crawfordsville, Indiana and surrounding communities. IL, IN, OH, IA, TN, WI, MI,
MN, KY  USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Philippines
Other Services
Don't see it? Don't know what to call it?  Have something odd? Give us a call.
machine shop engine industrial balancing, fuel injection  flow tesing urbana IL
Urbana IL, USA 
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Sun Distributor Tester Cemb Balancing.
Sun Distributor
Tester Drive
Fiero flywheel
Overhung impeller balancing
Balance 573 V8 Case crankshaft.
Balancing a dyno coupling.
Fiero flywheel converted to external balance.
Koehler injection balancing shop.
Engine crank industrial balancing.
Cranks machined for double blower keys
Crank stroke measuring
Crankshaft balancing
Crankshaft counterweight reduction
Crankshaft heavy metal installation
Harmonic Balancers
Harmonic balancers balanced / corrected
Harmonic balancers honed for proper press fit
Harmonic balancer keyways machined
Connecting Rod Balancing.
Rod Balancing
CNC 3 and 4 axis machining
Will do one off Car, engine, R&D projects.
Brackets, spacers, what have you?
The more work you do in advance, as in detailed prints or cad files the less it costs.
It will not be mass production based pricing but you can get it done.
10" ford flywheel converted to 28 oz/in
10" Ford 28 to 50oz conversion
(cnc weight)
crankshaft heavy metal installation
Crank Heavy Metal
TIG welding. Cast or billet aluminum, Cast Iron. Repairs and modifications.
Primarily specializing in automotive parts.