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Lead Time: 10 - 90 working days depending on the time of year and supply issues.  Plan accordingly
Each system is custom built and Flowed for your specific application.
Computerized & Temperature
Fuel Flow Bench
IF someone
wants to sell
you a system
stating that it
is setup for
your car, ask
for the
computer flow
bench sheets
and printouts.
If there are
none then you
just bought a
bunch of parts
that may
work ....
or not.
Tunnel Ram Fuel Injection offers maximum torque & HP, reaction time and repeat ETs.
> Awesome throttle response
> Incredible consistency
> Unrestricted Tunnel Ram Air Flow capacity (The tunnel ram alone can add 20-40 HP)
> Response is instant at low or high rpm.
> Recovery on a Super Gas car is as smooth or as instant via your throttle control.
> Smaller or no radiator required. (cools down quicker)
> Individual port tuning to compensate for air flow variations
> We can fit FI to any size engine or manifold
> Electric solenoid not needed for staging
> Superior barrel valve, adjustability, air flow & resale value
> Alcohol makes more power and costs less per pass than Racing Gasoline.
Mechanical fuel injection offers unlimited alcohol fuel flow curves that can't be matched by
modified gas carburetors. Using our tune up, detailed instructions and expertise you can be
making laps the first day and winning in a short time.

New to fuel injection? Have no fear. We will guide you through your first steps.

We pride ourselves on providing a Fuel Injection that is as "plug and play" as possible.
This approach often makes us look more expensive than some but you actually wind up
with a savings in not having to run down and ship in every little piece no one told you about.
Our support after the sale has been considered to be worth more than the initial cost.

If you are going alcohol racing there is only one way to supply air and fuel and that is with a
Koehler - Enderle tunnel ram Fuel Injection.
1: Flowed and set up for your combination
2: Flow balanced main jets
3: Flow matched nozzles
4: Polished stainless lines precision plumbed or hoses
5: Polished Hat (Throttle Body)
6: Manifold adapter
7: Specialized Hi Flow, Nitro style Barrel Valve
8: Idle, secondary & Hi Speed controls as needed
9: Fuel pump (coated)

11: Shutoff Cable bracket
12: Screen gasket
13: All necessary fittings
14: Computer print outs (not just #s on a card)
15: Detailed instructions
16: Personal consultation after the sale!
Why Injection?
image of Fuel injection Flow Testing Bench.
Alcohol ...... $5350.00
We can supply manifold if desired.
Plus Shipping
$4000.00 down (non-refundable)
Balance on shipping day
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All sales are final. Items and services provided by Koehler Injection are intended for off road use only.
No responsibility whatsoever will be accepted by Koehler Injection for any damage, injury or loss resulting from their use.
Nitrous Master.
Urbana, IL  USA     217-531-1770     M- F   9-5   CST
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Complete Flowed Systems
W  BugCatcher or BirdCatcher
W  BAU 3, Big and Ugly - medium height
For any brand or custom built Tunnel Ram
SBC / Edelbrock
Can be built with
tunnel ram
Custom Sheet Metal
Trick Flow
Built in RAM AIR !
No two engines are exactly alike.
No two pumps flow exactly the same.
No two main jets flow exactly the same.
No two nozzles flow exactly the same.
       Hope or flowed, your choice.
W BAU 1 or 2, Big and Ugly - short & tall heights
Alcohol ...... $5950.00
Alcohol ...... $5780.00
Bug ------ 3.687" -- 3287
Bird ------ 4.375" -- 4605
Buzzard - 5.000" -- 5994
BAU ----- 5.562" -- 7399
SBC 427 w BAU
for your
Click here
BBC 632 w BAU
We are your Tunnel Ram Injection Specialist
Embrace the "no carb" plan.
10: 3-Way Shutoff
(Intake manifold not included)
image of Koehler enderle fuel injection tunnel ram for SBC.
Add On Options
Nitrous alcohol system ..
Fuel Return  ................
Fuel Pump Belt Drive ...
Fuel Pump Extension ...
Primer kit parts  .........
Launch Control ..........
Fuel Filter ................
Idle / Warm up plugs ...
Jet Holder / Driver .......
Other Labor directly related to system building:
Remove EFI bungs (if required) ..................... $150.00
Weld in nozzle bungs (if needed) ................... $150.00
Port Match manifold to your gasket choice ...... $250.00
(Weld in bungs are needed on sheet metal or really thin cast manifolds.)
Other labor options and modifications are listed on the FI Service page.
image of fred sommers race car
Fred Sommers
Top Sportsman
Koehler Buzzard Fuel Injection &
Kurt Kappus
Koehler 2 Throttle Body fuel injection
See parts list above
image of kurt kappas race engine
image of Enderle fuel injection Bau fuel injection on SBC Tunnel Ram
image of Koehler Enderle fuel injection BAU  Big and Ugly fuel injection
machine shop engine industrial balancing, fuel injection  flow tesing urbana IL
Urbana IL, USA 
217 531 1770  
M-F  9 - 5 CST

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Nitrous Oxide
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Tractor Pulling    Truck Pulling    Drag Racing     Sand Drags    Mud Drags   Boat Drags
Why a Flowed System?
Note: Weiand Hi Ram, Offenhauser, Edelbrock Street Rams and similar are a ton more work to convert.
ADD $350.00 to the above base pricing.
For Cast and sheet manifolds with bolt on top plates
The SHORT version, BAU 2 (8-1/4" height) is available with Butterfly sizes: 5.000" or 5.562"
BAU Big and Ugly info
The TALL version, BAU 1 (10-3/4" height) is available with Butterfly sizes:  5.000" or 5.562"
The MEDIUM version, BAU 3 (9" height) is available with
Butterfly sizes: 3.687 or 4.375".
This is the best choice for most unblown engines.