Be your own Nitrous Guru !!
Dazed and confused by articles, bench racing and forum tuning?
Don't Despair... Nitrous tuning just got easier.
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Nitrous Master.
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Nitrous master nitrous oxide systems tuning software calculator.
For the Beginner or the wily veteran.

Nitrous Master works with any nitrous oxide system.

Learn how to flow your own system.  Analyze plates, foggers or
one of a kind systems.  Analyze up to 4 stages of plates or
nozzles with different jets in each nozzle. Up to 10 cylinders /
nozzles per stage.  Forward, reverse, and sideways analysis of
jets, flows, N/F ratio (nitrous to fuel ratio), fuel and nitrous
pressures, etc. Gas or alcohol.........and more
Once you have Nitrous Master and studied it for a while I
will be happy to talk tune ups and any other issues with
Dave Koehler
download and purchase
Brackets    Quick 8s    Top Dragster  Top Sportsman  ProMod  10.5   Sand    Mud    Pulling
Gas   Methanol   Ethanol  EFI
Brackets    Quick 8     Top Dragster / Sportsman  ProMod  Super Gas / Comp   10.5   Sand    Mud    Pulling
Suitable for use with Nitrous Oxide Systems, NOS, NX, Nitrous Express, CFN, Cold Fusion, ZEX, Compucar,
Nitrousworks, Nitrous Supply, NS, 10000 RPM, Top Gun, TNT, Nytrex, Speedtech
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Urbana IL, USA 
217 531 1770  
M-F  9 - 5 CST

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Nitrous Oxide
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The best racers do their own tuning and this progam will be the most used tool in your arsenal.
Learn and understand what your favorite nitrous guru has been trying to teach you.
Use the Nitrous Master to understand how nitrous systems work without depending on someone
else or some mysterious "trick of the week" tune up.
If you are just thinking about using nitrous, buy the Nitrous Master first.
The help files are essentially a Nitrous Oxide Book and contain the answers to all the
questions that are starting to form in your mind.
This information will help your with your purchasing decisions.
Nitrous Master will save you time and money well beyond the cost of the program.
Try out new ideas. The pistons you save may be your own.
Use the Nitrous Master to make round by round tuning decisions.
Confirm your tuning choice makes sense.
The Nitrous Tuning Files (help files) is a nitrous "how to" book.
Minimum techno mumbo jumbo with a ton of priceless, plain spoken nitrous info.
This is not a feel good program and it is not brand specific. You will learn the
warts of the systems and jet maps as well as what not to do, things to try and
things to consider.
Nitrous Master Main page.
Nitrous Master multi stage page.
nitrous master book
Prefer a CD? Download and copy/burn the file to a CD and you have one.
This is a 6 MB file so even a Dial up connections should not be an issue.
Important Notes:

1: The program license can be transferred from your old computer
     to a new computer within the 3 year window.
     Old computer must still be alive for a successful transfer.

2:Transfers and unlock codes will be honored for 3 years from purchase date.    Contact us for how to info.

3: If your computer bites the dust you will need to purchase a new
    license for the replacement computer.
Tractor Pullers: This can be used to calculate your water injection nozzle flow.