Hall Toledo
Valve Seat Grinding Equipment
Hall Toledo valve seat grinder
image of hall toledo valve seat grinder
 image ofhall toledo valve seat grinder pilots
image of hall toledo valve seat grinder pilot tool
image of hall toledo valve seat grinder pilots
 image of hall toledo valve seat grinder stones
image of hall toledo valve seat grinder pilot sleeve
image of hall toledo valve seat grinder
Excellent condition. Mostly used as a hobbiest more than daily pro use. Nice cross section of pilots and stones to cover little stuff and all the performance heads.
Pilots are in excellent condition and tight fitting on the driver motor. Some are even new. There is a selection of spare pilots that are missing pieces but still can be used in special cases. The driver motor is in great shape and runs nicely. $800.00
Retiring from Cylinder Head Work
Imperial Eastman Tube Benders
image of 7/16 tubing bender. Imperial Eastman.
7/16 OD by 1 1/2" radius NEW
1" OD tubing x 3 1/2" radius.
Used for 3 bends on aluminum tube.
Features extendable handles
for leverage on the tough bends.
image of Imperial Eastman tubing bender.
image of Imperial Eastman tubing bender.
image of Mack Truck V8 Pin bushing tool.
Mack Truck V8
Tooling for installing and removing the tapered pin bushings on Mack V8s. 
Small Door Jamb style.
Used a couple of times
image of Door jamb paint gun.
image of Paint gun.
Thomas Industries.
Painted 3 race cars and a motorhome with this gun
Paint Guns
MSI 100 psi sensor
For your data logger or shop
image of 100 psi MSI pressure sensor.
Part # 200087
Model MSP-600-650-P-3-N-1
1/2 % accuracy. Great sensor
Mini 2 ton hydraulic Ram
image of 2 ton mini hydraulic ram.
New, Central Hydraulics.
3" stroke, $20.00
BHJ Head Tru plates
MFG information here >
image of BHJ BBC head bolt blueprint
BBC special
Did you ever angle mill a BBC head so much that the center of the bolt holes became lost?

This plate, custom made for me by BHJ solves that problem.  $100.00
150 psi $10.00
Professional Buffer / Polisher
Heavy duty cast iron bodied polisher by US Electric.
This one of those "they don't make em this good any more" kind of machines. A "mans buffer"

2 Horse, 3600 rpm
Double Arm 36" OAL x 1 1/4" shafts.
3 phase but will run with a phase convertor.

This is an extremely well balanced motor with a new control box.
"Well Balanced" means it won't walk across the room if not tied down.
Includes whatever buffs I have left. I used this to polish pieces for my race cars and hot rods.
Not much you couldn't do with the right buffs.
If you will arrange the truck shipping I will pallitize it for $50.00
Or you can pick it up for free.
image of 2 hp buffer
BHJ Ring Gap Gauge
Bore size: 4.375   $50.00
image of BHJ ring gap gauge
image of nitrous tubing nuts
Close Out
1/8 npt  x 3/16 tube (compression)
Used in nitrous oxide tubing kits
includes ferrule. 8 per package. 
multi battery (series) charger
Associated. Model 6080a
1-36 cells
Good for charging race car
battery packs all at once.
Manual included.
Associated multi Battery charger.
Associated multi Battery charger.
Associated multi Battery charger.
Megasquirt Stimulator / Tester
image of DIY Megasquirt Stimulator.
From DIYautotune
Big Kaiser 10.626.152   NEW
Big Kaiser boring head insert holder
10.626.152   NEW 
image of big kaiser 10.626.152
Sunnen Piston Fitting Mandrels
early Lifetime units w/o removable shoes
   All have lots of life left. Look it over after
purchase . If not satisfied I will take back.
You pay the shipping both ways.
SL780 (new)..$50.00
SL1140 ..$50.00
w truing sleeve
image of sunnen sl780 honing mandrel
<< Still in Cosmoline
image of sunnen sl1140 honing mandrel
image of sunnen sl1140 honing mandrel
Sunnen MBH648H feed rod link
NEW. $80.00
image of sunnen mbh648h feed rod
image of sunnen mbh648h feed rod
image of sunnen mbh648h feed rod
image of Sunnen diamond valve guide sizer turret
Sunnen Diamond Sizer Turret
Replacement turret
for the Diamond Valve
guide sizer tool
Excellent working condition.
Free Wheeling Hoist Trolley, Capacity 1/2
Ton, Fits Beam Flange I, Fits Beam
Flange Width 2.66-4.66 Inches, Fits Beam
Height 4-10 Inches
Minimum Radius 24 Inches
Wheel Diameter 3.12 Inches,
Dayton 1/2 ton hoist trolley
1 ton chain hoist
Excellent working condition.
Originally purchased from W.W. Grainger under
the Duff/lynx brand.
image of dayton hoist trolley
image of duff/lynx chain hoist
Comp Cams Lash Caps
image of comp cams lash caps
Comp Cams 5/16 lash caps
Set of 16, all good....used
Crane BBC Guide Plates
image of Crane Cams BBC Guide Plates.
New, for BBC # 13650.
for 3/8 pushrods. 8 pieces.. $40.00
Cog Timing Belts
image of timing belts
4 pieces, new. # 10XL075
$10.00 for all
Mallory Cap and Rotor
image of mallory cap and rotor
image of nos y fitting
NOS -4 Y fitting
1 only
image of magnafuel Y fitting
Magnafuel -6 x -4 Y fitting
1 only
Combo-flo HD Actuator
image of combo flo hd actuator
Dimensions:.... 2" x 1 3/4"x 1"
Weight: .... 445 grams (0.9 lb)
Amps:... 0.6 (no relay needed!)
<<-The AV1 H is a heavy duty hi flow acting
You want this one if you are feeding more than 2
500 series Plate noids.
Sealed Power - Speed Pro Moly Ring Set
Set of 8 4.500 bore + .005
Moly .043, 1/16 ductile, 3/16 low
tension. NEW,
5 sets available
image of Sealed Power Speed Pro rings.
#AV1 H - $136.25 ....   $85.00
image of valley tow hitch ball
NEW, Chrome Valley Tow 2-5/16"
1" shank x 2"length. 6K capacity.
This is from a project that never
got off the ground. It has been on
the shelf for a while so it has some
scratches and minor rust pitting.
image of edelbrock throttle switch
Edelbrock 72282 throttle switch. Fits 4150 carbs
1 only
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Nitrous Master.
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