Air/co2 operated solenoids. (can also be operated with nitrous)
1 amp voltage draw
Unit is self contained.
Baselines provided for your current FI combination.
Jetting provided for 15% and 25% power increases.
Jetting information provided for 5 to 40% power increase.
(Purchase additional jets for lower and higher levels.)
Tubing, fittings & actuators necessary for co2 activation included. 
Purge solenoid is built in
Port fitting for -4 line to dash nitrous pressure gauge is built in
Nitrous throttle switch assembly (you will need to drill/tap 2 1/4-20 holes)
Switches, wiring, relays, terminal ends, shrink tubing included.
Trans brake, Air throttle control, problem.
After the sale telephone assistance included
SBC - Bug, Bird, BAU -  7070 Edelbrock Manifold .... 2245.00
We can adapt the NitrousCharger to any brand of TR manifold.
Alcohol Nitrous system for fuel injection.
No extra fuel pumps,  fuel tanks,  alternators,  batteries required.
Components you will need to complete your system
Main Nitrous Line, -6, custom made to suit. Call with length
You may choose the style of ends. IE straight, 90 degree. etc.
NC20 ............. 10 oz Co2 bottle ............................... $84.95
Brackets    Quick 8     Top Dragster / Sportsman  ProMod    10.5   Sand drags    Mud  Drags
For use on Tunnel Ram engines.
The ability to change flow rate automatically may be the
best feature among many. When in n2o mode, the system is
running in NA mode until the throttle is wide open. Nice.

Want to qualify with n2o but race without nitrous?
Flip a switch and the nitrous is deactivated.
Example: Qualify with n2o, flip switch, run eliminations NA.

You can also wire in a delay box, on/off timer or button to
use it as a top end charge if you desire.
Air operated Airnoids are the heart of this system.
They are as bullet proof as it gets, offer more flow
rate than any electric solenoid and can stay
activated all day long without failure.  Airnoids offer
a much longer life than any electric solenoid before
the sealing piston needs maintenance. Perhaps
never if you don't run a rock through them.
Installing a conventional wet Fogger system on a Fuel
Injected Tunnel ram can be a nightmare due to all the
lines already in place. It's also a pain to work on in the
pits. There is also the question of different fuels burn
rate. There is a superior, less complicated way.
The NitrousCharger is a dry system.
The extra fuel required is supplied by the Mechanical Injection.
The injection will go richer on demand via a specialized circuit.
(Injection and manifold base not included)
Add ONs
4328 2-1/16" Autometer n2o pressure gauge for the dash...$139.92
NC135 .......... Preset regulator for Nitrous Charger ........ $133.45
BBC Edelbrock shown
with component package
Nitrous Charger Kit
Single co2 regulator for the Nitrous Charger.
Can be direct mounted to your co2 or n2o bottle.

Other items that you will need but may already have.

These are offered as a convenience.

Feel free to shop elsewhere for the best price.

10 oz co2 bottle.
NC50 ............... bottle bracket .................................... $44.95
Bottle Bracket mounts 10 oz bottle to 1 1/4"  to 1 3/4" tube.
10 oz co2 bottle bracket.
braided hose
Nitrous Charger Preset co2 regulator.
Fred Sommer
NitrousCharger Nitrous Oxide System for Alcohol Fuel Injection
The NitrousCharger is suitable for the alcohol fuel injected Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Quick 8 or bracket car that needs that needs to step up.
The NitrousCharger is  a "bolt on" for the Edelbrock, Holley and Dart Chevy Tunnel Ram manifolds. We can  adapt it to other manifolds, sheetmetal, Ford, etc.
We will likely need your manifold or the top plate in these cases. Call to discuss your application.
Fred Sommers
Top Sportsman
Koehler Fuel Injection and Nitrous Charger owner
Enderle Injection Nitrous Charger
Enderle Injection Nitrous Charger 3
Nitrous for Dart Enderle fuel injection.
Enderle Injection Nitrous Charger 2
The NitrousCharger is much simpler, lighter and easier to work with than electric wet systems. Alcohol is way more forgiving and makes more power. Electrical demand is a miserly 1 amp and could be run with a 9V battery if you so desired.

These are set up based on your current fuel injection combination.
We will email you a question sheet to fill out.
"The closest you can come to having a blown alcohol engine without a blower."
Not sure yet?
Call Dave and chat.
Not included: Anything shown in the "add on" list below.
BBC / Dart
Expensive?  Not even close.  Have you priced a Supercharger lately?
SBC - Bug, Bird BAU -   Holley manifold ................... 2245.00
LSC - Bug, Bird, BAU -   LS Holley ............................ 2445.00
BBC - Bug, Bird, BAU - 7075 Edelbrock manifold ......2450.00
BBC - Bug, Bird, BAU - 7085 Edelbrock .....................2395.00
BBC - Bug, Bird, BAU - Holley manifold .................... 2245.00
BBC - Buzzard.......7075 Edelbrock manifold ..... 2400.00
BBC - Bug, Bird, BAU - Dart manifold  ...................... 2395.00
BBC - Buzzard -          Dart manifold  ........................ 2425.00
BB Dodge..... Koffel Manifold .................. 2450.00
Custom - sheet metal % less popular manifolds  .............. 2500.00
Note: While Enderle hat names are listed, any Blower hat from any Manufacturer is acceptable for use as a TR hat. Hilborn, Waterman, Crower, Fowler, Gorr, Gerardot, etc.
We may need these other Hats/throttle bodies and manifolds on hand to verify fitment of various pieces.

Koffel and sheet metal maniifolds: We need your top plate as these are one off bolt patterns.

Customs: We need your complete manifold/MFI system to implement the Nitrous Charger.
ALL combinations listed are made to order.
2-6 weeks delivery time depending on the time of the year so plan accordingly.
Water Grains:
When the WG goes over 100 and the car slows down, increase the n2o flow to compensate.

More often than not you will be more consistent with the Nitrous Charger
Internet or Pit Wisdom
You can't run nitrous
and Alcohol.

You can't run injection
with nitrous.

You must use gasoline for nitrous enrichment.

Reality Check

BBC - Bug, Bird, BAU - Profiler manifold ............... 2395.00
Please note that the Nitrous Charger Airnoids can be operated from the main nitrous feed line if you do not have a Co2 app. on board.
bottle brackets
nitrous bottle nut
nitrous bottle
-4 braided hose
14745b 10 lb bottle w gage . .... $326.60
14125 10-15 lb bottle brackets ... $89.80
16230 -6 bottle nut ..... $25.02
-4 Nitrous Line to connect autometer dash gage to the Nitrous
Charger. Custom made to suit. Call with length
You may choose the style of ends. IE straight, 90 degree. etc.
Autometer n2o gage
4428 2-5/8"  Autometer n2o pressure gauge for the dash .. $145.40
Autometer nitrous gauge
BBC - Buzzard - Profiler manifold ..................................... 2450.00
"We won 3 championships with the NitrousCharger. This thing works!" Neil Turri
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Urbana IL, USA 
217 531 1770  
M-F  9 - 5 CST

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