Not for street use
Each system is set up and custom FLOWED specifically for your engine.

   No "off the shelf", wild guess tune ups here. You will save time and money.
After purchase, you will receive via email a question sheet to fill out
on your engine and car. We need this info to properly flow the system
to match your needs.

You will need to send us your manifold.
Lead Time: 1- 3 weeks depending on the time of year.  Plan accordingly.
Custom bent stainless hard line ..... add $200.00
Bypass Fuel Return log ...
Launch Control ...
Fuel Filter ...
Remove EFI bungs (if required) ..................... $150.00
Weld in nozzle bungs (if needed) ................... $250.00
Port Match manifold to your gasket choice ...... $200.00
Weld in bungs are needed on sheet metal or really thin cast manifolds.
4-bbl mechanical throttle body fuel injection.
5" bore - 2000 CFM - unlimited Hi Flow Barrel Valve
Computerized and
Temperature Controlled
Fuel Flow Bench
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Nitrous Master.
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Brackets..Quick 8..Top Dragster..Top Sportsman..Truck Tractor Pulling..Comp..10.5..Sand..Mud
We offer a LayAway purchasing plan. Call for specifics.
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Urbana IL, USA 
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Postal Money Order
Nitrous Oxide
Cart Info
Fuel Flow Bench
Koehler Enderle throttle body 4 bbl fuel injection.
For Single 4 barrel Dominator based manifolds
HP range is unlimited
Comes with 5" throttle body, special barrel valve, distribution block, nozzles, nozzle bodies, hoses, fittings, tuning jets, idle, secondary and high speed circuits, fuel pump,
fuel pump shutoff w fittings, fuel pump shutoff cable bracket, Flowed / Setup/ Baseline, FI manual and
after the sale consultation.

Other optional items are listed below.
4 barrel fuel injection.
Fuel Pump Belt Drive ...