How the Koehler Injection shopping cart works
A shopping cart makes it easy to purchase products over the
internet.You can phone the order in but sometimes the phone is
busy and shopping online can save you time.

To put you at ease with this service which is still fairly new to
the racing world we will break it down.
We have set this up to make it as painless as possible for all types of racers and life styles.
Credit & Debit Cards:
American Express, Visa & MasterCard are accepted. Discover is not.
Money Orders:  (requires mailing to us)
US post office money orders are the ONLY MO accepted and the order will be shipped upon
NO money orders or bank drafts of any kind are accepted from outside of the US.
No CODs. These have proven to be fraudulent orders more often than not.
Sales Tax:
We must collect 7.5% sales tax.
IF you have a sales tax resale/exemption number contact us for the apprpropiate Illinois
form to fill out.
Payment Types Accepted
Koehler Injection is Fraud Aware.
We verify street addresses, email addresses & credit card authenticity.
We turn scam transactions over to the authorities.
Do not waste our time and yours.
We will NOT ship to or accept orders originating from the following
Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Romania, Indonesia,
Singapore, Ghana, Ukraine, Uganda, Nigeria, Hungary, Belarus,
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Russia, Yugoslavia,
Macedonia, Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia
Koehler Injection reserves the right to refuse
goods and services to anyone for any reason.
Please be assured that Koehler Injection will  never sell or give away
your information to any other company or individual.
Personal Information
Clicking the "Add To Cart" button only puts the part number on
the order list. No transaction takes place.

When you click this button the page will switch you to the view
orders page where you can change the quantity of parts or delete
an error. When finished, click the "back" button on your browser to
return to the page you were shopping on.
With the "Checkout" button you enter your personal information
and double check your order. At this time you can take a last look
and make changes to the number of parts and part numbers
previously entered.
Only when you click the "Submit" button on the check out page
does the purchase actually take place.
The order you place is not finalized until we look it over here. IF there is an issue with
the shipping we will notify you to discuss any changes.
Parts shipping is done via UPS inside the US and it's territories.
Email from us is likely to end up in the Bulk or spam folder.
Please check there and white list (not spam) us for future emails.
All Text and images on this website are copyrighted by David Koehler 2000 and beyond
All sales are final. Items and services provided by Koehler Injection are intended for off road use only.
No responsibility whatsoever will be accepted by Koehler Injection for any damage, injury or loss resulting from their use.
Nitrous Master.
Urbana, IL  USA     217-531-1770     M- F   9-5   CST
Postal Money Order
Cart Info
Clicking the "View Cart" button allows you to view your shopping
list anytime you are browsing back and forth. No transaction takes
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Postal Money Order
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Cart Info
The shipping calculator on this site is fubar and gives too high shipping. This will be corrected at this end to considerably less so don't freak out.
NO Handling Charges: We don't charge more than it costs to ship. .
Shipping Costs
There are no returns. We are not Walmart. We offer parts and service for a unique
niche market. If in doubt about something, contact us first. There is no excuse for not
ordering the correct part.