What about that Blue single Airnoid
running fuel? Do you have a need
massive amounts of fuel flow?

The FS500 can accommodate you. The
Airnoids all have a Teflon plunger
material and the seal material in the
upper housing of the FS500 is also inert
so no change is necessary. It does not
care what kind of "special" fuel you
throw at it. Alcohol, nitro and other
toxic waste chemicals comes to mind
with extreme HP systems.
Maximum Fuel Flow
Fun & Games
I see it also being used on fuel injected cars for on/off fuel curve
control. With the FS500 nitrous Airnoid you could also exceed the 90 psi
of the normal fuel Airnoid. I have no idea what nitrous combination
could require that much fuel pressure but you could do it.

Here is something to consider if you can find a radical reason to do it.
Since the Combo Airnoids share the same orifice sizes you could convert
one side or the other to fuel or nitrous. This ends up being a double
nitrous or fuel Airnoid. IF for some reason you wanted to double up the
output of one of the combo you could change the upper housing seals
and the return spring accordingly.

It's a little overkill for most cases, I grant you, but it might make for a
neater layout in some cases. Dual cross plates come to mind.
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A Review of Combo-Flo  Air Operated Solenoids
Combo-flo monster airnoid
Alternate Air Source
If you are really, really weight conscious you can eliminate the 10oz co2
bottle altogether and get your air supply from the nitrous bottle. When
you plug your co2 regulator into the top side of a nitrous bottle you are
in the gaseous area which has exactly what you need. CO2 and nitrous
share the same properties as far as density and pressure. I am currently
researching no leak quick release fitting that would allow us to use the
side gauge port that is available on some of the "super" bottle valves.
You can also use nitrous in your co2 bottle which would save carrying
two different mother bottles to the races.
Since the actuator only draws 0.6 amps I thought I might as well try a 9
volt transistor radio battery. Do they still can them transistors for short?
A trip to Radio Shack for a connector and cheesy metal holder did the
trick. I am pleased to say it worked just fine. I gave up after hitting the
button 30 or 40 times. I didn't bother to tie it to more than one actuator.
I will let you find out how far you can go with that.
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Combo-Flo 500 plate air operted solenoid
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