500 Series
Single purpose nitrous and fuel Airnoids are
used when a combined unit is not practical
or individual activation is desired. If
independent activation of the nitrous and
fuel Airnoid are needed an actuator will be
required for each.

The nitrous Airnoid has " npt inlet and
1/8" npt bottom outlet while the fuel version
has an 1/8"npt inlet and outlet. The fuel
Airnoid is available in a bottom outlet or
conventional horizontal outlet. The
respective weights are 10 oz for the nitrous
and 5.8 oz for the fuel.

The Nitrous Airnoid has a .218 orifice
with .125 plunger lift while the fuel checks
in with a .156 orifice and .100 of plunger
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Combo-flo Airnoids
A Review of Combo-Flo  Air Operated Solenoids
Airnoid Function
Combo-flow breakaway image
against a rated 1250 psi. When co2 or air is applied the activation piston
pushes the rod (1) and the T bar (#2), up which in turn, pulls up the
plungers (#3). When the system is shut off, the left over co2 air is
expended out relief holes (not shown) to the atmosphere and the spring
(#4) forces the plungers closed against the seat.
It doesn't get much simpler.
You may be wondering
about the mechanics of
the Airnoids.

The Airnoids all function
the same basic way.
Rather than cut up a
perfectly good part I
whipped up an
illustration of the Gold
bottom outlet version.

There is an air cylinder
at the bottom where
the co2 comes in. The
area of the piston (#1)
has enough area to pull
open the both the fuel
and nitrous sides with
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Combo-Flo 500 plate air operted solenoid
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