Airnoid Choices
The Comb-Flo Line features 2 basic styles of Airnoids. The Combo-Flo
Silver and Gold versions have the fuel and nitrous circuits combined in one
compact Airnoid. The 500 series are individual Airnoids available for use
where an independent circuit control or layout consideration is needed.
The Combo-Flo Silver has the inlets
and the outlets on opposite sides.
These would fit any nozzle or plate
that would require that the fuel and
nitrous enter from the same side and
exit the opposite side. This Airnoid
accepts npt nitrous inlet and 1/8
npt outlet fittings. The fuel side is
1/8 npt on both sides. The orifice
size is .156 on both nitrous and fuel
and the piston lift off of the seat is
and astounding .080. Weight is 303
grams or 10.7 ounces. To put the
weight in perspective, the 2 electric
solenoids that the Airnoid is designed
to replace weigh in at a porky 750
grams (26.5 oz).

The center to center distance on the
outlet holes is 1.375. I include this
dimension so you may see if you can
change over simply or need to
change the tubing also on a nozzle
Silver 400 Series
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A Review of Combo-Flo  Air Operated Solenoids
Combo-flo silver Airnoid
Gold 450 Series
The Gold Airnoid is available
with left and right hand
versions and is a bottom
outlet design. It is designed
as a direct replacement for
electric solenoids on current
nozzle systems but can be
used on any configuration
that needs the fuel and
nitrous to enter from
opposite sides of the
Airnoid. The left hand/right
hand feature allows you to
keep your fuel lines coming in from the front of the car and the nitrous
from the rear. Inlet port sizes are " npt and the bottom outlet ports are
1/8" npt. They share the same orifice size as the Silver at .156 but have a
higher flow rate due to the bottom outlet. Plunger lift is .080 and the
weight is 344 grams or 12.1 ounces. The outlet hole center to center
distance is 1.875.
Combo-flo Gold Airnoids
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Combo-Flo 500 plate air operted solenoid
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