The Actuator is used
when the nitrous system
needs to be activated
via an electric throttle
switch and/or timers.
The actuator draws only
0.6 amps. You read that
right. Your whole
nitrous system can go
from a possible 50 amp
draw per stage to less
than 1 lousy amp. While
not totally electric free it
is darn close.
This photo shows a four stage
system with the supply lines
from the Actuators feeding
through the firewall via quick
release bulkhead fittings.
Each Actuator can supply
operating air to 2 combo
Airnoids AND 5 Actuators can
be tied together and feed by a
single line from the air supply
bottle. This modular feature
makes multi stage systems so
much simpler and neater.
Soooo, (drum roll please), with one " incoming co2 feed line you could
conceivably run 5 stages with a total of 10 Combo Airnoids (= 20
electrics) and only use 3.0 amps total (vs 250 amps electric). This is likely
an insane exercise but it is doable. If you use no timers there is a way to
do this with no electricity whatsoever and I will get to that further on.
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A Review of Combo-Flo  Air Operated Solenoids
Layout is pretty much the same for all configurations that you can think of.
The " tube from the bottle leads to the Actuator. From the Actuator 3/16"
tubing feeds the Airnoids. About a dozen different styles of available tubing
connector fittings will cover any plumbing possibilities.

This first photo shows an abbreviated tubing layout for 2 Silver Airnoids. The
tubing and tube fittings are all high grade quick release items. The QR, no
tool needed, feature allows you to instantly remove a nozzle spider or
complete manifold without fumbling for screw drivers and eliminates having
to rewire in some cases. The second photo shows the possibility of hard
lining a plate with the Silver Airnoid.
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Combo-Flo 500 plate air operted solenoid
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