Low 0.3 amps actuation. It can be triggered
on OR off with a switch, relay, Timer,
RPM switch or other controller.

Can be run NO or NC
Can be operated with a 9v battery.
Actuator is constant duty rated.
(can stay ON all day)

Airnoid is light enough to hang
anywhere in line.
Not affected by vibration.

Compatible with gas, alky & Nitro
Accepts Enderle screw in Jets

Orifice size: .156
Hi pressure (up to 1250 psi)
Flow: 3.5gpm @ 50psi
         5.3gpm @ 100psi
Air/Co2 Pressure required: 100-150 psi

Includes Airnoid, Actuator, fittings and air line, instructions.
Co2 bottle & regulator are available separately.
Air Operated Hi/Lo, Launch, Lean Out or Enrichment Kit
Size Comparison - click
8010 ... Direct mount jet ........... 259.95

8020 ... Remote jet .................. 259.95
Co2 bottle and regulator available HERE
Direct Mount Jet
Remote Mount Jet